How We Work

Our Terms

We strive to establish long term relationships with each of our clients. We encourage each client to involve us in their business. We do not charge clients every time they speak with us or send us an email to discuss their affairs. Sometimes that email, or that call might require us to do some work but often it doesn’t and our clients have the comfort of knowing they are making an informed decision by involving us in their business decisions.

If there is work to be done, we will agree our terms with you at the beginning of a matter.  This involves us spending time with you to gather information, to determine the issues and agree a strategy. It will necessarily involve a consideration of and focus on the outcome.

Our standard terms are available by clicking here.

We have a number of pricing arrangements available.

We would prefer to agree our fees and the scope of work with you at the outset. That way we are clear on what work will be done and the cost of that work.

Our experience is that our clients prefer fixed fee arrangements.

Value Pricing

There must be value in each commercial solution that we deliver.

We believe in alternate fee arrangements in preference to time costing and billing clients by the traditional unit of six (6) minutes.

We strive to deliver value to our clients.  Value should not be calculated only by reference to hourly rates and the time that we spend, but rather the knowledge and resources that we use to deliver each commercial solution.  Our team brings unique and specialist knowledge to each matter.

We will communicate with you regularly on your matter.


We use state of the art technology and enjoy a paper light office.

We utilise fully integrated practice management software to ensure that each matter is dealt with in an efficient and orderly manner.

The technology we use allows us to be dynamic, mobile and flexible in the delivery of services. Our clients benefit from our investment and commitment.